Locally closed loop for maximum safety

Most advanced iontophoresis technology. Current circulates in a closed loop over areas of application
without going further than ankle or forearm. Circulation through trunk is prevented, protecting the
patient and cardiac system from the currents.


Personalised treatment
15 intensity levels (0-20 mA)
0-30 min treatment range*
*Recommended hand session: 30 min level 5-10
*Recommended foot session: 30 min level 10-15


Smart technology: Electric shock proof system
Linear variations in intensity, alleviating any discomfort the pulsating current could cause but maintaining its effectiveness. Also makes it possible to suspend the use of the iontodry machine, eliminating the feeling of electric shock when the session begins again.


Foam Pads
Foam pads especially designed and manufactured for the use of iontodry and designed for each type of application (hand or foot). Ultra-absorbent, fast-drying fabric. They come in two different thicknesses to offer a good comfort-effectiveness ratio. Both thicknesses included in case you get when you buy the iontodry machine.


Areas of application

Iontodry treats foot and hand areas. The recommended hand session is 30 minutes between levels 5 and 10. The recommended foot session is 30 minutes between levels 10 and 15.